Everything You Wanted to Know but Clearly Were Not Too Afraid to Ask

This is our FAQ ... and then some.


Are all interviews virtual?

Yes. All interviews will be hosted remotely using a Microsoft Teams link. Please contact your Recruiter if you are experiencing any technical issues.

The suspense is killing us! What games are you making?

We’d LIKE to tell you. Honest. But for reasons, we can’t. YET. What we can say is this: We currently have two games in development. One’s an ARPG. The other is…well, we actually don’t know what it is! It’s different. Weird. Hard to define. It’s kind of cozy, kind of RPGish, kind of sim-like. It’s a lot of things, and we’re just getting started, exploring what it can be!

Is Timbre making mobile games? Console? PC?

Timbre is completely focused on making AAA console and PC games.

Speaking of studios…where is it?

Almost! We’ve been fully remote in our first few years, but we’re excited to move into our new Vancouver studio in the very near future! We’ll have more to tell you about this in the coming months.

What’s your work from home policy?

We want our Timbreoos to decide for themselves if and when they come into the office. A lot of our team is in different parts of Canada, so whether or not our local Timbreoos are in the office or work from home, we make sure everyone feels as much a part of the team as we can. Some might come in every day, others a few days a week, and some might want to work from home all the time! It’s all good.

Do I have to relocate to Vancouver?

If you’re legally entitled to work anywhere in Canada, you won’t have to relocate for most roles at Timbre. If you are not presently residing in Canada, please note that we may be able to offer assistance in immigrating and/or relocating under the right conditions. All Timbreoos must reside in Canada.

How long has Timbre been around for?

We were established in June 2021.

Is Timbre a start-up?

We are a company still early in its formation, which means we are still growing, learning, developing processes and programs, and finding our place in the world. That said, we are incredibly well positioned and supported as a member of the Sumo Digital family, and founded by a team of multi-decade game development experts.

Who are Sumo Digital?

Sumo Digital is our parent company, based out of England, UK. To see more about them, click here!

How long does your recruiting process take?

It varies. Although we do our best to move through stages efficiently, there are multiple factors that may affect the timing of our process. We promise to always keep you up to date on your application status and never ghost you. If you have important dates or deadlines to consider, tell your Recruiter.

How do you decide what salary to offer?

Timbre uses a leveling and pay band system to monitor and regulate salaries of all of our Timbreoos, current and prospective. We take internal pay equity very seriously but also consider up to date market data.

Can I get feedback on my application if I have been rejected?

If you had a chance to meet with a Recruiter, yes. We are not always able to provide feedback on applications that were not successful. We receive a very high volume of applications, so please be patient with your Recruiter!

Recruitment Process


When you apply, we do our best to respond to your application in a timely manner. We encourage you to complete all of our application surveys so we may improve your experience, as well as the experience of future applicants. A recruiter will send you notice if your application has been selected for a screen.

💡 TIP: Add links to portfolios, websites, personal projects, and anything that can help us learn more about you!

Recruiter Screen

One of our wonderful recruiters will book a virtual interview with you!

Here’s what to expect:

  • An introduction to your Recruiter, the company, a bit about our projects, and the role
  • A conversation about your relevant work history and why you’re looking to join us
  • Questions related to your technical skills, how you collaborate, your values, and how you do your best work
  • Time to answer any of your initial questions

💡 TIP: This (and all future interviews) are a casual conversation, so dress accordingly. No need to get too fancy!

Hiring Manager Interview

If you impressed our Recruiter, our Recruitment Coordinator will get in touch to connect you with the Hiring Manager for this role.

Here’s what to expect:

  • An NDA to sign before the interview date, so we can open up a bit more about what we’re working on!
  • An introduction to your Lead who will dive deeper into the position responsibilities, department, and project
  • Questions that help us to discover more about your technical know-how, collaboration skills, experience level, and alignment for the role
  • Time to answer your project, discipline and team related questions

💡 TIP: Our hiring managers work hard on the job description you applied to and are likely to ask you questions related to our “what you bring” section. They hope to discover if you’ll enjoy and succeed at the outlined responsibilities.

Team Interviews

Once you’ve wowed our Hiring Manager, you’ll move into the final phase of our process where we’ll introduce you to some specially selected Timbreoos. In this phase, you’ll be interviewed by folks that would directly collaborate with your role in pairs.

How many rounds will I have?

Intern and Junior level roles

  • You’ll have one round, focused on ensuring we evaluate your level through the lens of technical skills and values.

Intermediate, Senior and Principal level roles

  • One round focused on ensuring we evaluate your level through the lens of technical skills and values.
  • A second round that centres around your collaboration skills with other disciplines.

Leadership and Director roles

  • One round focused on ensuring we evaluate your level through the lens of technical skills and values.
  • A second round that centres around your collaboration skills with other disciplines.
  • A third round where we learn about you as a leader and people manager.

Diversity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity


Our team of interviewers is all trained on the importance of a diverse team and comprehends its key role in developing our games. We are always learning and evolving our practices to be more inclusive to folks of a variety of backgrounds.

Culture Add Not Culture Fit

We hire folks who add important insight and perspective to our culture, not just those who “fit” into it.


We want to make your interview experience comfortable and to empower you to have a meaningful conversation with us. Please inform us at any stage if you require any adjustments or accommodations to support any additional needs

Accountability and Data

We utilize data to understand our diversity metrics and candidate experience to improve our process.

Job Requirements

We set realistic minimum requirements in our job descriptions to be as inclusive as possible. We advocate for candidate potential, not just years of experience, as considered qualifications to succeed in the role.

Interview Panels

We are intentional in our interview panelists selection and promote a balanced, diverse team to introduce you to throughout our process.

Pay Equity

We actively monitor our gender/diversity pay balance, internal equity as well as market data when deciding on what salary to offer prospective employees. We always work to close any inequitable pay gaps at Timbre.

Inclusive Benefits

Our People & Belonging team consistently reviews, adjusts, and develops our benefits package to suit the varied needs of our diverse team. Our benefits are outlined in all of our job descriptions under the “what you’ll gain” section.